Kala Gora Pipes
What is Kala Gora Pipes ?
Kala Gora Pipes
Kala gora Pipe is our new Innovative product. Since most of the pipes available in the market are not UV protected, UV rays penetrates through them and destroys water quality, it also Results in formation of fungus or scaling in the pipe. Fungus and scaling accumulated within the pipe reduces the pipe bore and gradually blocks the pipe line completely.

     We have found an ideal remedy for this problem by developing a thick outer black layer pipe .Though black color absorbs heat but it prevents entry of UV rays as well. We have mixed some strong UV resistant chemicals to make outer layer stronger to neutralize the effect of UV rays of sun.
     Sanso Black PPR-C pipes are very much ideal for outer fittings because they are mostly exposed to sun light thus prone to fungus formation, Therefore it is always recommended to use black pipes for outer pipelines or pipe lines should be painted black or coated with cement.
It is a double layer pipe and it’s both inner and outer layer have some unique advantages.
Outer U.V. Stabilized Black Layer
Sanso Kala Gora ppr-c pipe has thickest layer of UV resistant pipe as compared to other pipes available in the market. Its UV resistant PPRC layer safeguards the water from ultra violet rays of sun.
      INNER WHITE LAYER is anti microbial layer, it prevents formation of bacteria inside the pipe, thus ensuring clean and hygienic drinking water.